Q: What is a regulation?
A: As you play your harp, the moving parts of the instrument, such as the discs, levers or pedals become unaligned which may cause buzzing or intonation problems. I fine tune the disc action, change the pedal felts, and check on any other issues that your harp might have.

Q: When do I need a regulation?
A: For professional harpists, I recommend that you have a regulation every year. If you are not playing and moving your harp everyday, every other year would be just fine.

Q: Why do I need to change the strings before my regulation?
A: If a string is old, worn or pitted, I am not able to get an accurate pitch reading on my tuner. A new string insures that I can precisely regulate the intonation on your harp!

Q: Do you regulate lever harps?
A: I can work on Lyon & Healy, Salvi, Camac and Dusty Strings lever harps.

Q: What brands of pedal harps do you work on?
A: I work on most modern brands of pedal harps including L&H, Salvi, Venus, Camac and Aoyama.

Q: Do you change bass wires?
A: Yes, I am happy to change your bass wires or any other strings during the regulation appointment. Please let me know in advance of any strings that you would like for me to change.

Q: Where do you hold your regulation appointments?
A: I hold appointments at the Virginia Harp Center showrooms located in Haddonfield, NJ, Midlothian, VA or Atlanta, GA. I also travel to a number of different locations on the east coast. Please contact me at info@ivangardnerregulations.com for information on house call services or when I will be travelling in your area.